Being on postpartum confinement shouldn't restrict your choice of diet. That's why we partnered with HCCF in realizing a modern take in Chinese traditional recovery food; re-imagined for the Halal market.

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2018 – ongoing
  • Maharis (Ari) Creative Director Maker
  • Zara Agnes Art Director Photographer
  • Quin CK Designer Illustrator

Creative Commerce

From CX Strategy right to detailing the Design System, we partnered HCCF in building a bespoked end-to-end e-commerce solution.


We imagined HCCF's unique vision into reality, from Brand Identity right to designing the Packaging.


From Brand Positioning right to defining the Tone of Voice, we helped HCCF create meaningful and personalised connections.

R&D Lab

We assisted HCCF in growing its product-mix and market, from Data Analysing right to Concept and Execution.

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